My research is primarily in the area of Development Economics, broadly defined to include forays into political economy, comparative development and migration economics with focus on cultural values, geography, institutions, and conflicts. The publications and completed papers are presented below:

Academic Publications

Do migrants think differently? Evidence from Eastern European and post-Soviet states (joint with Berlinschi R.), forthcoming in International Migration Review.

Culture, diffusion, and economic development: The problem of observational equivalence (joint with Ozak O.), Economics Letters, 158 (2017), 94-100.

Two state disputes and outside intervention: The case of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Eurasian Economic Review, 7(1), 69-93.

Policy Publications

Listening to Leaders 2018: Is development cooperation tuned-in or tone-deaf? (joint with Custer S., DiLorenzo M., Masaki T., Sethi T.), AidData 2018.

Working Papers

National Identity and Public Goods Provision

The Legacy of Common Ancestry on Preferences: Genetic Distances and Cultural Differences (joint with Ozak O.)