My research is in the area of political economy and comparative development, focusing on cultural values, geography, institutions, and conflicts. The publications and completed papers are presented below:

Papers published in refereed academic journals

The European Union as an International Donor: Perceptions from Latin America and the Caribbean”, with Serban D., European Journal of Development Research, 2020,    link to the journal article.

National Identity and Public Goods Provision”, sole-authored, Comparative Economic Studies, 2019,    link to the journal article;     WP (pdf).

Do migrants think differently? Evidence from Eastern European and post-Soviet states”, with Berlinschi R., International Migration Review, 2018,    link to the journal article.

Culture, diffusion, and economic development: The problem of observational equivalence”, with Ozak O., Economics Letters, 2017,    link to the journal article.

Two state disputes and outside intervention: The case of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict”, sole-authored, Eurasian Economic Review, 2016,    link to the journal article.

Papers listed in working paper series

“How Does the World Bank Influence the Development Policy Priorities of Low-Income and Lower-Middle Income Countries?, joint with Knack S. (World Bank), Parks B. (William & Mary), DiLorenzo M. (Old Dominion),     World Bank Policy Research Working Paper ;      Blog published by the Brookings Institution.  

“Culture, diffusion, and economic development”, joint with Ozak O. (Southern Methodist University and IZA),  KU Leuven LICOS Working Paper.