Prior joining the AidData and William&Mary, I have been conducted research at LICOS – Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at KU Leuven, and have also worked with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Policy Forum Armenia, and Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation.

I hold two MAs and a Ph.D. degree in Economics. I started my Ph.D. studies at Southern Methodist University. After competing the coursework and founding a research agenda, I moved to University of Leuven to work with the Development Economics group, supervised by Jo Swinnen, while continuing to work with Omer Ozak and Klaus Desmet from Southern Methodist University. Additionally, my doctoral committee consisted of Giacamo De Luca from University of York and Mara Squicciarini from Bocconi University. I defended my PhD dissertation in November 2017. Chapters of my dissertation have been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including International Migration Review and Economics Letters.